The APMA Seal of Acceptance and Seal of Approval are granted to products found to promote good foot health. To earn the seal, each product is reviewed by a group of APMA podiatrists to ensure it promotes foot health. The committee also looks at information on the product’s safety, quality control, and other data.
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    Women's Speed-1000 II Jester Red
    Women's Speed-1000 II Jester Red
    $139.95 $111.96
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    Women's MBT-2000 Jester Red
    Women's MBT-2000 Jester Red
    $199.95 $159.95
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    Women's Colorado X Red
    Women's Colorado X Red
    $179.95 $159.95
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    Men's Speed 2 Chili Red Lightweight Running Sneakers
    Men's Speed 2 Chili Red
    $129.95 $79.00
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    Women's Gadi Mineral Red Walking Sneakers
    Women's Gadi Mineral Red
    $129.95 $99.95