Once they started wearing MBTs, they


"I used to have knee and back pains until I wear MBT and now am a religious follower during my training. I am able to perform with ease and efficiency.  Am on my MBT dress shoes even when I'm not training."

World Boxing Champion

Jorge Linares

"The feeling I get from walking in your shoe is very good indeed! For the first time when testing various shoe brands I can walk unlimited without having a contact-pressure from the shoe against the lateral sides of my 5th toes and my 5th MTP joints."

Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist

Finn Christian Simonsen

"I was looking for a pair of shoes that I can wear during my training and during my casual time. Long training hours has taken a toll on me but MBT shoes have helped in my overall health."

Head Coach of Baseball Team

Takahiro Ikeyama

"I have been wearing MBT since 2009 and to me they have been the most comfortable shoes there are. I used to have very bad arthritis in my knee and they just completely strengthen my legs. It really made such a huge difference when I started wearing them." 

Theatrical Costume Designer

Sandra Phillips