About the MBT® Index

How to select your favorite MBT® INDEX

 The MBT® Pivot Axis is the unique and functional part of the midsole underneath the foot and is the key element to the active rolling movement of each step. When the Pivot Axis is combined with the MBT® SensorTechnology™, the interplay produces what has been described as the feeling of walking on a sandy beach.


Each pair of MBT® shoes features one of three possible levels of rock, or MBT® Index:


• ACTIVATE features a low level of rock due to the flattest MBT® sole construction, with lower sidewalls for greater activation and a low Pivot Axis.

• DYNAMIC offers a moderate level of rock due to a medium-strong sole curve and Pivot Axis and medium-high midsole.

• PERFORMANCE generates an increased level of rock due to it's strong sole curve and Pivot Axis for increased activation.



The unique MBT® sole - how it works!

MBT Movement Diagram


Midfoot Roll


The MBT® SensorTechnology™ promotes a soft heel landing, absorbs harmful shock and creates a natural forward rolling movement. The Pivot Axis, with its curvature at midfoot, causes an active roll promoting an efficient and comfortable move forward. The upward curved forefoot influences a smooth toe-off to your next healthy step!



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