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Each pair of Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) Shoes comes with an insole made from high quality foam creating a layer of orthopedic padding that provides extra cushion with every step.  This along with the MBT patented heel sensor helps to reduce impact  on knee and hip joints making them ideal orthopedic shoes.

The Swiss engineered MBT-2000 lace up running shoe represents the height of performance without sacrificing style or durability. No matter your end goals, no matter how fast or how casually you run, the MBT-2000 will get you there.


  • Level of Rock: MODERATE for your longer distance walks or runs requiring added cushioning and improved midfoot-forefoot transition.
  • An engineered Jacquard knit upper is both breathable and lightweight, stretching and supporting the foot throughout the gait cycle, while the upper's minimal seams reduce potential friction points.
  • Fueled by MBT's unique two-SensorTechnology in the heel and its Pivot Strike technology in the midfoot, the MBT-2000's rocker sole construction comprised of a lightweight and responsive triple-density midsole ensures a soft, natural landing before dissipating shock and promoting a smooth gait transition that enhances running efficiency and reduces fatigue – prized, performance-driving outputs on a long run.
  • Whereas the two-SensorTechnology absorbs and dissipates shock to protect the body from damaging impact forces, Pivot Strike provides runners an ideal platform to transition into propulsion while enhancing support and cushioning. Combined with the shoe's inherent midfoot curvature, Pivot Strike compels an active rolling motion in every step that activates muscles, improves balance, and empowers an efficient gait.
  • The injection-molded exo-heel counter cradles the heel and arch for added strength and support, while a sharp heel notch constructed of high-durability mesh lining wraps the ankle and Achilles tendon and holds the foot comfortably in place.
  • In the toebox, MBT's M-Flex Technology – a durable, yet flexible mesh adapts to a runner's foot during different stages of a run. M-Flex allows the runner's foot to flex and spread out naturally and generates a snug, custom fit.
  • The Drylex 360 Moisture Management System on the collar and tongue lining supplies superior moisture wicking and possess an anti-microbial treatment for enhanced freshness and hygiene.
  • The MBT-2000 completes its performance-minded package with a high-abrasion rubber outsole that offers enhanced durability and traction on various surfaces.
  • APMA CERTIFIED - With a seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), MBT shoes support overall foot health, whether you're walking, running, or standing all day on the job. Feel the impact of the original rocker bottom shoe:
    • Provides good arch support to help take care of your long-term foot health.
    • Helps improve balance and posture by activating your postural muscles.
    • Delivers a cushioned step when you're recovering from a long run or demanding day on your feet.
    • Increases muscle activity and improves venous activity.

Women's Sizing Chart for Running Shoes

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1.  Step 1 for Measuring Your Foot

Place a piece of paper on a hard floor with one end to the wall. Stand on the piece of paper with the heel slightly touching the wall.

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Mark the end of your longest toe with a pencil for both feet.

3.  Step 3 for Measuring Your Foot

Take the larger of the two foot length values and compare it with our sizing chart, to define your shoe size.

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