MBT® Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect to feel?

As your body adjusts to the active movement of MBT®, you may experience tightness and fatigue in feet, calves, hips or lower back. This should all subside with regular use after the break-in period. Although you may feel an obvious difference upon first wearing, your MBT® shoes will quickly become natural and intuitive.


Is there a break-in period?

Yes, although break-in time varies from person to person. We recommend wearing MBT® 1 to 2 hours the first day and increase the time as you feel ready. This should be a gradual process. The break-in period is different in each person and is a function of how much or how little walking or standing a person does. We also recommend the break-in period be conducted indoors on a carpeted surface so that if you need to return your shoes we are able to give you a refund.


Why do the shoes look thick on the sole?

While looks are a matter of opinion, functionality is not! The unique MBT® sole is comprised of 5 key components and it is the interplay of these 5 components that may, for some, make MBT® shoes among the most comfortable shoes on earth. Click to learn more about the MBT® sole construction.


Do I have to learn how to walk again?

If walking barefoot on a beach or on a natural uneven ground we usually don't have the feeling of re-learning to walk. In MBT® shoes, it may take time to change from a passive gait to an active one, but it usually occurs fairly quickly.


Can I jog in MBT®?

Some customers do like to wear the shoes for jogging, and MBT® footwear is also great for exercise walking. If you choose to jog in MBT®, be sure to:

        1. Run slowly
        2. Maintain an upright posture
        3. Increase the speed with the frequency of your steps, not with larger steps. This way your feet are planted under your body distributing the pressure to joints evenly over the whole body.
        4. Roll from heel to toe.


Can I wear MBT® every day and for how long?

You can walk and stand in MBT® as long as you feel comfortable wearing them. If MBT®s are prescribed as a secondary therapy for pre-existing medical conditions, their use must be supervised by a medically trained specialist.


Can I wear orthotics in MBT®?

 While most MBT® footbeds are removable, we recommend that you always consult your podiatrist before wearing custom orthotics in MBT® shoes due to the unique rocker construction. We do not recommend wearing orthotics in MBT® but instead recommend wearing your MBT® without orthotics first to fully benefit from the technology.


Why do my leg muscles ache after wearing MBT®?

 The aching sensation experienced by some wearers, especially in the first few days, can be caused by delayed onset muscle soreness, common among individuals who undertake new exercise programs. This soreness normally settles after wearing MBT® regularly.


Are there any conditions which would preclude me from wearing MBT®?

We strongly recommend not wearing MBT® if you experience any of the following conditions: Severe injuries or inflammations, being within 12 week post-operative phase, blindness, vertigo and pregnancy (unless a wearer before pregnancy.)


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