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  1. 3D-Mesh

    3D mesh is a light-weight, 3D woven fabric and is highly breathable.


  1. Canvas

    Canvas is a sturdy, plain, woven fabric, typically made out of cotton. It is particularly lightweight and breathable.


  1. Dual Board Shank Sole Construction

    This shank consists of TPU (heel & midfoot area) and nylon mixed with glass fibres (forefoot area). Its dual density provides high wearing comfort.


  1. EVA

    EVA (Ethylen Vinylacetat) is a very light-weight material, used in soles for cushioning. It does not last as long as PU.


  1. Full Grain Leather

    Full grain leather is made from the top split of the hide. Only the hair has been removed. It preserves the hide’s original texture. Full grain has a great durability with the best fiber strength of leather.


  1. GORE-TEX®

    The GORE-TEX® membrane is the heart of GORE-TEX® footwear. It is completely waterproof but permeable for water vapor.


  1. Integrated Shank Sole Construction

    This Shank consists of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) mixed with short glass fibres to create an impact-resistant material with a high degree of stiffness.


  1. Last

    A compact block similar to the form of the human foot. Lasts can have many different characteristics, most of which will affect the way the shoe will look like and fit. Usually they are made of wood, synthetic material or metal.

  2. Lining

    All products of the range (except sandals and GORE-TEX®® models) have the same 3D mesh lining in accordance with the MBT® DRY&COOL concept. The 3D mesh lining ensures cooler and drier feet.



    Regulates the climate inside the MBT® shoe in a natural way by combining air circulation and moisture management. It keeps the foot comfortably dry. The basis of DRY&COOL is the combination of high-grade mesh lining with a functional sockliner.

  2. MBT® Sensor

    The soft PU MBT® Sensor is the heart of Masai Barefoot Technology. The MBT® Sensor produces a pleasant feeling, reminiscent of walking on natural, soft ground.

  3. Microfibre

    Microfiber is a soft material and has good moisture-conducting properties


  1. Nubuck leather

    Nubuck leather is full grain leather with a buffed surface, which gives the leather a particularly soft and velvety feel.


  1. Outsole

    We provide different rubber outsoles for our models. The rubber outsoles are made as a perfect compromise between grip and durability.


  1. PU

    PU (polyurethane) is a cellular synthetic material that is resistant to pressure. Long-lasting but heavier than EVA.

  2. PU coated material and synthetics

    PU-coated materials and synthetic materials are highly durable and resistant.


  1. Single layer mesh

    Single-layer mesh is an open woven and breathable fabric.

  2. Sockliner

    All products of the range (except sandals and GORE-TEX®® models) have the same sockliner in accordance with MBT® DRY&COOL concept. Upper part: Single-layer mesh, a breathable and open woven fabric. Lower part: Foam with an open cell structure which allows breathability, assists moisture management, is quick-drying and antimicrobial.

  3. Split Leather

    Split leather is made from the lower layers of the hide and is extremely breathable.